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Mother & Child Wearing Masks

Our Goal: Healthy People, Healthy Charities

We’re distributing
to Americans in need.

As our nation navigates the COVID-19 pandemic, our second-line essential workers are being called back to work in grocery stores, restaurants, and schools without face masks.

We’re here to help. We’re offering FREE masks to nonprofits, food pantries, homeless shelters, and community health clinics, so they can distribute them directly to the people who need them most.

And we’re encouraging these charities to use the masks as fundraisers to ensure that we all come out of this situation healthier and stronger than ever before.


all people deserve

access to masks

Using masks should not be limited to only the wealthy.

The Mask Hub provides high-quality reusable protective cloth masks to the public. All masks are donated to local and regional non-profit and philanthropic organizations to slow the spread of COVID-19 infection.

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Help us reach our goal

Masks distributed: 10,000 of 1 million
Number of nonprofits served
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How it works

Step One

Nonprofit requests masks. Mask Hub team vets request.

Step Two

Charity receives masks.

Step Three

Charity gives masks away or sells them as a fundraiser.


Masks make our lives better

“According to the latest data, history and science tell the same story: wearing a mask – combined with social distancing – stops the spread of the virus.”


New Study Shows That This One Thing Could Cause 80% Decrease In COVID-19 Cases

“Infection trends shifted dramatically when mask-wearing rules were implemented on April 6 in northern Italy and April 17 in New York City – at the time among the hardest hit areas of the world by the health crisis – the study found.”


Masks significantly reduce infection risk, likely preventing thousands of COVID-19 cases -study

Request Masks

Are you a charity? Request your masks today, and use them as fundraisers to help your organization thrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Mask Hub is a nonprofit organization dedicated to slowing the transmission and infection of COVID-19 by providing high-quality reusable, washable cloth masks to charities, who will distribute them to second-line workers — those who are most at risk, yet least able to afford high-quality, reusable masks.

The One Globe Family Foundation provided the initial funding and resources required to launch The Mask Hub and purchase the first million masks.

The primary goal of The Mask Hub is to ease the human suffering during the COVID-19 pandemic by helping to reduce the transmission and infection of the disease.

The secondary goal of The Mask Hub is to support small non-profit organizations
fundraising efforts during the pandemic so that they can protect their employees and patrons from COVID-19 and also provide food, shelter, and health care to the disadvantaged.

The US Centers for Disease Control “recommends wearing cloth face coverings in public settings where other social distancing measures are difficult to maintain (e.g., grocery stores and pharmacies) especially in areas of significant community based transmission.”

We know that our second-line workers like bus drivers, cashiers, food bank staff, and restaurant staff work day in and day out in environments where social distancing measures are difficult to maintain.

To read more about the data behind face mask usage, visit Mask Information >>

We’re working to make sure second line essential workers receive masks. For example:

  • grocery store clerks, food service staff, restaurant workers
  • law enforcement officers, firefighters, emergency technicians
  • volunteer workers at homeless shelters, food pantries, soup kitchen etc.
  • Individuals with high risk of infection who must be out in public and where social distancing is difficult to maintain

We’re also seeking to provide masks through community support centers for low income or disadvantaged people.

We want to make sure all low income individuals who need more protection but are not able to purchase high quality reusable masks have access.

Yes! We’ve helped several small businesses receive and distribute masks in their communities.

Yes. The masks are washable three ply, anti bacterial, water repellant, UV resistant, durable material produced in Vietnam. Although they are not designed for front line medical professionals, there is an additional inner pocket to hold disposable filtering fabric.


  • Outside (100% polyester)
  • Middle (65% polyester and 35% cotton)
  • Inner layer (65% polyester and 35% cotton)