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The Mask Hub began at Northwood School in Lake Placid, New York. Student Quy-An NguyenLe was born in Chicago and has lived in New York City, California, Washington State, and Hanoi, Vietnam.

With parents are both Vietnamese immigrants, and much of my extended family lives in Vietnam, including my aunt, whom I would like to thank for making all of this possible.

Originally, this idea started from a personal need: my family was trying to buy cloth masks on Amazon, but they were either sold out, not protective enough or were being sold at heavily inflated prices. Then, I was told that my aunt, who owns a factory in Vietnam, would be able to sell us high-quality masks for a reasonable price, but we had to buy them in bulk (>100,000 at a time). Originally, my plan was to buy them, keep a few for ourselves, and then sell the rest on Amazon, and then donate the proceeds.  But then, I thought, why stop there? This is where my story begins and our uncertain future surrounding COVD-19 holds the next chapter of where this initiative will go.

The Mask Hub provides high-quality reusable protective cloth masks to the public. All 1 million masks will be donated to local and regional non-profit and philanthropic organizations to slow the spread of COVID-19 infection. Proceeds from mask donations will be used to support recovery, education, and ultimately ease the human suffering due to the pandemic.

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“According to the latest data, history and science tell the same story: wearing a mask – combined with social distancing – stops the spread of the virus.”


New Study Shows That This One Thing Could Cause 80% Decrease In COVID-19 Cases

“Infection trends shifted dramatically when mask-wearing rules were implemented on April 6 in northern Italy and April 17 in New York City – at the time among the hardest hit areas of the world by the health crisis – the study found.”


Masks significantly reduce infection risk, likely preventing thousands of COVID-19 cases -study